yours truly \\ about me

I have always challenged why do things work the way they work, how do things happen? I have always intuitively felt there was a more natural way to live, achieve optimal health, prevent illness and just feel better!

One day, as a young adult, I challenged my mum why? Why did she do some of the things she did in her life? She simply said to me We all have choices in life and I made my choices” 

That stuck with me.

After an exhausting career in Corporate Hospitality and inspired by a family history of chronic health issues, I made the choice to forge a career in an industry that I was passionate about. Also, to build a lifestyle that I desired, no less deserved.

One of balance, health, authenticity, and vitality.

I am a fully qualified and accredited Nutritionist and Naturopath with more than a decade of extensive clinical experience currently based at Darling Health in the Inner West of Sydney.

I enjoy all general practice and have a vast knowledge relating to gut health, allergies, chronic skin conditions, children’s health & preventative health.

My passion, however, lies with supporting reproductive and hormonal health, fertility, infertility, postnatal support, sleep disorders, mood disorders, energy and adrenal dysfunction. For both men and women. 

As a mum of one very funny little person, I love working with families and children.

I am also a co-founder of Flourishing Bodies, an online platform offering individuals and families self-paced nutritional courses and on-going support. Flourishing Bodies is dedicated to creating happy healthy humans (at all ages and stages of life), and to building a sustainable future in which our planet and children will flourish.