January 26, 2015

Nuts. It’s 3pm and time for my craved chocolate treat. Nuts! Not to mention I’m going nuts! I’m forced to find alternatives as my sugar craving engulfs me and I will not give in. Luckily nuts are exactly what I need. A handful of them and my craving should be sorted. It’s all about the protein. Filling the sugar hole with good wholesome protein, should get me through the drive home until dinnertime. It fills the afternoon snack habit and sometimes I find after a hearty protein rich lunch I’m not even hungry and may not even need the snack.

I’m nuts about nuts. However they can get a little stale and particularly chewy when eating them raw, not to mention it takes a lot of digestive energy to break them down. Activating nuts (i.e. by soaking and roasting them) is a great solution for many reasons.

Firstly raw nuts contain phytic acid. According to researchers, when consumed by humans, phytic acid reduces the body’s ability to absorb many of the nutrients in the nuts. Raw nuts also contain enzyme inhibitors called protease or trypsin inhibitors that make the body have to work overtime to produce additional enzymes during digestion. Soaking them breaks down the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors as it allows them to germinate making the nutrients available for absorption. Roasting them (by slowly dehydrating them in an oven) aids in their ability to be digested by our body as it breaks down the complex carbohydrates.

Ergo the more natural enzymes you eat in your food, the less of your own body’s enzymes need to be used, therefore maintaining a healthy metabolism and keeping us younger for longer.

Secondly they are much softer and more easily palatable, almost melting in your mouth. They taste AMAZING. As they have been soaked in rock salt they have a slight salty taste and with the combination of an almost creamy soft texture, this equals LUSH.

Thirdly activating your own makes beautiful healthy nuts really affordable (pre-activated nuts cost a pretty penny from health food stores and if you’re a struggling nutrition student you’ll appreciate the DIY approach). You can make them in bulk and freeze them so they last a long time and you are never caught off guard without them and being tempted to buy chocolate on the run.

Carmen PLEASE help me activate my nuts!

OK. So you can use any type of nut – Almonds are most popular, but otherwise use Brazil nuts, Walnuts, Cashews or Macadamias. You can even activate pumpkin seeds (Pepita’s).
I choose almonds.

Step 1. Soak a huge bag of your preferred organic raw nuts in a pot of filtered water with a tablespoon of rock salt overnight. Drain them in the morning. (In almonds especially you’ll notice the sprouting process as the skin and nut will break away from each other)

Step 2. Lay them out on a baking tray – no paper or oil – and roast on the lowest temperature possible (lower than 65 degrees on fan forced and for gas ovens use pilot light) for at least 12 to 24hours or until completely dehydrated.

Step 3. Store in an airtight container or freeze them. (No defrosting necessary)

and voila your nuts are activated and you have a healthy yummy snack to go.

Yours naturally,


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