February 2, 2015

This whole work 5 days, study 5 subjects, exercise 4 days, eat 3 meals, take 2 twice a day, catch up once a week and look good whilst doing it all is busy work choo know.

Where do I begin? What do I tackle first? How am I going to deal with all of this?
Sound familiar? Throw in a sickness or two (not necessarily yours), a Birthday Party, nurturing new hot relationships whilst maintaining your old faithful friendships.

Is it possible to be perfect at everything and perfect everything?

Simply – NO! I think I am finally working this out. And choo know what? This is nothing big really. Everyday I am inspired by people who do all of this and then some, tackling even bigger issues. Heaven forbid I get cancer, or my house burns down and then throw in the kids? WHOA!

It is so easy for us to get down and out in some of our day to day. All of our problems, challenges and hardships are relative and completely valid. It is fair and reasonable to sometimes have a pity party and to feel like your problems are the worst at times.

I know I have had endless discussions with my peers, family, friends and plenty of strangers about how hard it is, poor me, boo hoo etc. It can get very depressing and draining.

Rarely do we discuss how lucky we actually are, to be here and to be experiencing these very things in life.

Our attitude affects others and we are all perfectly imperfect. We have a choice as to how we deal with the things life throws at us. And from now on I choose joy!

So lucky to be here and to have the complex busy life I have.

Make the choice to choose joy too! Choo know you want too!

Yours Naturally,


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