February 6, 2015

I always get asked “What do Nutritionist’s eat then?”
Answer: Nutrition of course.

It is really simple stuff. I literally always have the basics in my fridge (hardly any food in my pantry to be honest). Basic, simple, wholesome food, full of amazing nutrition. And then I just add to it what I need or when I desire something special.

Here is my absolute essential shopping list and why.

Eggs – Eggs are one of nature’s best designs. Think about it, they provide everything that a developing chick requires. They really are a nutrient powerhouse and are so versatile. They are the glue for every recipe (thanks lecithin), can be beaten, poached, scrambled or boiled and carried in a snack pack! They are an essential source of and packed with protein, B vitamins, Vitamin A and D, Zinc, Iron, Choline and antioxidants. They really are eggcellent! I could google, I mean goggle the googly egg for hours. Stay posted on this one.

Greens – Especially Baby Spinach, Rocket & Broccoli. We have all had it drummed into us – “you must eat your greens”. And yes we should! Spinach and Rocket are a beautiful variety of green so dense with anti-oxidants and bioflavanoids that help block cancer causing substances and processes. The chlorophyll that gives them their bright plant pigmentation and color is rich in magnesium. Not too mention the folate, Vitamin A, potassium, Vitamin C, riboflavin and Vitamin B6 it contains. Broccoli has all the above plus hormone modulating and liver clearing properties. It just completes the meat and three veg look really. Pumpkin is so daft without some greens to liven it up don’t you think!

Avocado – A is for Avocado. This is MY superfood. It’s my “margarine”, it’s my creamy flavour machine. Rich in monounsaturated oil, it has more soluble fibre than most other fruit (it’s a fruit you know) and spills over in sterols that help prevent cholesterol from being absorbed through the intestine. The glutathione it contains offers protection against several cancers. A good source of Vitamin C, E & B6, it’s creamy “fattiness” just fattens everything up – without the fat. (It’s not fatty – it’s PHAT. Trust me!)

Red Cabbage – Look at the colour of red cabbage. It just looks like fun waiting to be eaten. Raw in a salad if you can stomach it (whoops – was that you?), covered in Apple Cider Vinegar makes for a nourishing ferment of probiotics, Vitamin C, low in KJ’s and high in soluble fibre. Again, hormone modulating madness is going on right here.

Coconut Oil – Aye aye coco jumbo aye aye yea! It does send you a little coco nutty with flavour and sweetness and creaminess. I love sauteeing my greens in this to add some antibacterial and antiviral benefits to my balanced meal. Or throw it in my desserts and smoothies, you know because like the research suggests it’s proven effectiveness in reducing cognitive decline, desserts actually do make me think better and taste so much yummier with coconut oil. I especially love rubbing my skin in it – hydrating and silky smooth I could slide off the bed sheets, if I don’t rub it in that is.

Yoghurt – I get to eat this for breakfast, dessert or a snack – what? no way? Yes way. Sweetened with my essential blueberries or made into savoury labne, this immune enhancing substance can be enjoyed any time of day. To clarify – natural yoghurt (best home made – stay tuned) without the preservatives and sugars, is an excellent source of calcium and protein, probiotic and provides useful amounts of Vitamin A, B’s and Zinc. Best part is it is more digestible than milk for people with lactose intolerance.

Garlic/Parsley/Coriander/Basil/Chillies – AKA “erbs” – Consider these the salt & pepper of the family (though I do love quality salt & pepper) but with so much more nutritional value than so. Antibacterial, Antiviral, more Vitamin C than you can throw an orange at, fat burning, immune system churning – these are my “11” secret herbs and spices. No meal is complete without at least one of these flavour enhancers. Seriously.

So take a leaf out of a nutritionists book and pack your fridge with these essentials.

Yours Naturally,


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