January 30, 2015

So it was my day off the other day and I decided the best way to unwind and relax was to head into work. Granted I work at a health spa so I’m not THAT crazy. For those of you that haven’t read that little about me thing, I am a Colon Hydrotherapist at Sydney’s Alkaline Spa (a topic for another blog post). I managed to have myself a skin consultation and an Omnilux facial, amazing detox massage and a colonic.

Though some might think it indulgent the purpose of my visit was actually to kickstart a cleansing process and begin removing some of my old and rank toxins.

My purpose was to cleanse, though bizarrely I felt alarmingly dirty about having a day to myself. For myself. I came into contact with a few people along the way pre and post treatments and the general reactions were to the affect of:

“Oh lucky you”
“Well who’s a bit spoilt then?”
“Oh that’s so nice, what did you do to get that?”
“Oh if only I had time”
“I would LOVE to do that”

The guilty voices in my head were set off and my conscience started reminding me that I really should be at home being a domestic goddess or catching up with long lost friends. Not before a 10km run or donating blood of course. I really felt so bad I almost didn’t want to mention it again. Until now.

Why DO we feel guilty when we take time out for ourselves? To look after ourselves. “Spoil” ourselves. It’s stupid right? I need a reason for self spoilage?

But we shouldn’t have to justify ourselves. We need to place just as much importance on self-maintenance and self-service as we do packing the children’s lunches or binding that EOY report not too mention get the car serviced on time before the wheels fall off.

The truth is these are not guilty pleasures. They are necessary measures and need to be scheduled like so.

Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in.

Why are they necessary?

My treatments allowed me to check in to myself and determine where my real health is at. The massage helped to stimulate my lymphatic system (to fast track the toxin flush), but it also highlighted that I have a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, which explains the persistent pain I have been ignoring for long enough. The facial reminded me I need to drink more water as the dehydration is literally written in lines across my face. And my colonic…well as much as I am an expert (if I do say so myself), really highlighted that my digestive health is not as good as I thought it was (like the accountant with the late tax return).

The fact of the matter is most of us service our cars more often than we service ourselves. Our bodies don’t have the benefit of an LED light that flickers on when we’re due for a check up. It’s our responsibility to check in AND not feel guilty for it.

Yours Naturally,

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