yours completely \\ philosophy & services

Yours Naturally can help you develop sustainable dietary and healthy lifestyle habits, giving you the resources to incorporate into your busy life.

It is amazing how resilient our bodies are. However, the pressure we put on our bodies physically, socially and emotionally causes more chronic diseases than anything else.

Our bodies are not designed to digest and break down processed foods and drinks, chemicals or synthetics. Residual toxicity, genetics, constitution, environmental factors, lifestyle and chronic illness are the many reasons “why” we are functioning far less than our optimum.


Functional Pathology and Evidence-Based Practice are applied in my treatment strategies. I combine both holistic diagnosis with conventional medical investigations to explore your particular health issues.

I am very supportive of working with orthodox medicine and alternative medicine models to maintain holistic health care.  It is important to understand the ‘why’ and not only address the presenting symptoms but to address the root cause of your conditions. 

Yours naturally utilizes; 

  • Food as medicine offering practical dietary advice
  • Nutritional formulations/supplementation and herbal medicines are prescribed as needed to achieve specific therapeutic outcomes
  • Investigative Testing and Analysis – In-clinic nutritional/physical evaluation, referrals for blood pathology testing or specific functional pathology to explore your health eg. hormonal analysis, food intolerances, allergies, digestive and stool analysis, gene testing, adrenal and stress profile testing, neurotransmitter profiles, and extensive thyroid profiles. 

I also like to focus largely on preventative health care promoting longevity.

More importantly, I am about working with you.


Fertility Introductory Call (15 mins - Complimentary)
If your concerns are regarding fertility I offer an introductory call so that we can see if we are a best fit - to learn about your fertility history and any issues that may have been identified, while giving you some background to my approach. Please ensure you book in for and have this appointment first BEFORE your initial appointment.

Initial Consultation (60 mins - $180)
Initial consultations are your first appointment type and require a full health history to be discussed and evaluated including family history, review any existing pathology and formulate a treatment plan/goals.

Regular Follow up consultations (45 mins - $140)
If you have seen me at least once before, this is the appointment type to book. A full 45 mins is used to discuss the progress of your treatment, analyse any testing results, and further review your health goals and treatment plan.

Acute Consultation (15 mins - $50)
This is a 15 minute acute naturopathy appointment to discuss results, update a treatment plan, or ask a maximum of two questions. *Note that you cannot book in for this appointment type unless you are a current patient who has had at least one appointment before.

An abridged version of a consultation for both new and follow-up clients. Utilise the tools of naturopathy in this 30 minute appointment. Especially useful to discuss a specific concern such as immunity or mental health support during COVID-19

Fees apply to ALL Face to Face consultations on location, via Phone and or Video call consultations.

do you have concerns with any of the below?

  • Women’s health (irregular, painful, non-existent cycles)
  • Reproductive health - both male and female concerns
  • Fertility (pre-conception care, pregnancy and beyond)
  • Male vitality and longevity
  • Mood disorders/anxiety and depression
  • Fatigue, energy and lethargy
  • Stress & sleep disorders
  • Family health - mum, dad and children (pregnancy, newborns, introducing solids, toddlers, adolescent health
  • Digestive health – bloating, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, diagnosed digestive disorders such as Crohns, SIBO, IBD, parasites.
  • Thyroid function
  • Allergies/food intolerance/food sensitivities
  • Skin conditions
  • General health, diet & lifestyle support