Do you need a refresh?

September 20, 2022

Are you feeling;

  • low energy or fatigued
  • brain fog or can’t concentrate
  • low mood or emotional imbalance
  • puffiness
  • digestive ‘upset’ – bloating, gas heartburn, loose stools, constipation, nausea.
  • headaches
  • poor sleep
  • weight gain
  • cycle changes
  • skin changes

You can change any of these symptoms and create new healthy habits in just 21 days.

Our 21-Day Refresh package is designed to help you kick any negative winter habits and establish new health goals and rituals.

A traditional month-long cleanse can be daunting to commit to, and let’s face it, gets old pretty fast! 21 Days is all it takes for new habits to be set and feel amazing!

It’s not a traditional detox by any means – we tailor the refresh to every individual so we can make it all about supporting you at the stage of life you’re in, which means it’s suitable for everyone!

This package includes

  •  1 x 1-hour initial appointment
  •  1 x 30-minute follow up appointment
  •  A individualised herbal tonic to improve detoxification pathways, support digestion & more!
  •  A detailed “Refresh” guide including meal ideas & refresh shopping list!

Consultations are available both online via TeleHealth and face to face at Darling Health

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