May 25, 2015

People ask me all the time what is it like being a Colon Hydrotherapist? And why on earth would I do it for a living? It makes for great dinner conversation.

So when Professional Beauty asked me to do an interview to share some insights I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with the masses.

The below is the contents of the article that was published.

magazine article

Alkaline Spa and Clinic is an integrated day spa and health wellness clinic that offers specialised treatments in detox and wellbeing. One of the treatments the clinic performs is Colon hydrotherapy. Carmen Cooper, Alkaline’s colon hydrotherapist, unravels the mystery behind it all with Professional Beauty.

Q What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is also known as colonic irrigation, colon lavage or colonics. It is a gentle method of hydrating and cleansing the colon to support and encourage efficient waste elimination, alleviate gas and bloating, and rid the body of built- up toxic waste.

Hippocrates once said, ‘Death begins in the colon.’ I truly believe the root of health starts in the gut. Colonics are the best treatment to help achieve optimal gastrointestinal health, and have myriad additional benefits throughout the entire body.

Q What is the purpose of the treatment and what are its key benefits?

The colon is predominately the body’s waste disposal unit, storing and eliminating waste. In the world today, our diet and lifestyle can too often resemble ‘rubbish’ and clog up our bins. Often due to factors such as dehydration, inactivity or irritation, our colons struggle to eliminate this waste. Colon hydrotherapy helps to empty our bins, hydrate our bodies, and train our digestive system to function at its optimum.

With regular treatments, people have reported improvements in digestion, sleep patterns, energy levels and skin conditions.

They are also great for immediate relief from constipation. One of the most important benefits of this treatment is that it removes harmful pathogens and bad bacteria. It provides a cleaner environment for gastrointestinal flora to be restored and re-inoculated, thus boosting immunity.

Q Who can perform colon hydrotherapy and what qualifications are necessary to perform this treatment?

Most therapists are nurses, naturopaths or other trained health professionals with a strong stomach! In Australia, there is no regulated qualification to practice hydrotherapy. However, it is important to have training and a thorough understanding of the anatomy, physiology and nutrition. A good ‘bed-side manner’ is the most important qualification. Clients can feel quite vulnerable, especially during their first treatment, and you need to be capable of making them feel very safe and comfortable.

Q Do you see many clients returning for additional treatments?

We have an incredible return rate for colon hydrotherapy at Alkaline. To gain the full benefit of the treatment, it is always recommended to continue it regularly. We recommend a series of treatments close together, initially three to five, followed by a regular maintenance regime. It is a treatment that enables you to establish a great long-lasting relationship with clients. Due to the nature of the treatment, trust is important and you need to show how much you care about your client’s health. If they trust you, return customers are almost guaranteed.

Q Is there a certain type of client or a specific demographic more likely to request this treatment?

Most of our clientele are, to some degree, already passionate about or interested in natural health philosophies and detoxification practices. Colonics are still often considered an alternative treatment.  Colonics can assist with weight loss, bloating and skin conditions, to name a few. Then there are those who utilise it as a ‘last resort’ after many orthodox methods have failed to manage their health successfully.

Colon hydrotherapy is fast becoming a preferred treatment by all demographics as it becomes more widely known and available. At Alkaline, we treat all ages, men and women, healthy and unhealthy. Unless they have a pre-existing sensitive condition or illness, the treatment is beneficial to everyone.

Q What are people doing or not doing on a day-to- day basis that contributes to internal toxicity?

There is a lot to indulge in and lots of fun to be had in modern life. This can take its toll on our bodies if we are not supporting our natural detoxification systems. The most common factors that contribute to toxicity are alcohol, coffee and other stimulants, refined carbohydrates such as sugar, wheat and yeast, processed foods that contain additives and preservatives, and of course a lack of fibre and water.

Dehydration is a significant factor in the bowel not being able to eliminate waste. Our bodies require a lot of water just for natural metabolic processes. Add to that the factors considered above, and if we don’t replace all the water our bodies use and eliminate, we become chronically dehydrated. Dehydration in the colon means everything dries and hardens, and waste becomes stagnant. We need to drink two to three litres of water per day; more to counteract coffee, alcohol and other stimulants.

Q How do you manage and reduce the discomfort for clients when they undergo colon hydrotherapy?

At Alkaline Spa and Clinic, we offer pre-and post-care advice to educate clients on the procedure and provide them information on how to prepare for their treatment in the weeks or days prior. This, for the most part, is the best way to ensure they have the most comfortable treatment we can give them. It is ultimately up to how well the client prepares for the treatment and how relaxed and comfortable we make them feel; we provide empathetic and trained therapists and a relaxing environment. Massage is performed during the treatment to help relieve gas and discomfort and ease waste out. It is also performed with warm water to further relax the colon. The best thing a therapist can do is to have treatments themselves. This way not only do they look the part and reflect good health but they also understand what it feels like to be the client. We practice what we preach.

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